Hollidaysburg Historic District

Walnut_st.jpgThe Hollidaysburg Historic District and its accompanying Borough Ordinance were created in 1989. The purpose is to protect and preserve the architectural character of the Borough's historic buildings. Chapter 27, the Zoning Ordinance, contains the regulations for the Historic District. Sections 301 and 901 pertain to the Historic District. Section 301 governs the specific architectural activities connected with the construction, maintenance, repair, preservation and rehabilitation of properties within the Historic District. A Historic District Property Owner's Manual is available to Historic District property owners. This manual contains the recommendations and guidelines from the Secretary of the Interior for rehabilitation. A published study of the values of the properties in the Historic District is available as well. A map of the Historic District is published here.

For those properties located in this district, a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) and an applicable Zoning Permit is needed prior to starting any work on the exterior of the structure. In order to obtain this COA, an application needs to be made to the Historical and Architectural Review Board (HARB). The HARB meets in Council Chambers of the Municipal Building to review applications and to make a recommendation to Borough Council. If Borough Council concurs with the HARB's recommendation for approval of an application, the COA can be obtained for a $20.00 fee, however, a Zoning Permit may be required as well for the specific work to be done. Zoning Permit fees vary by type of project. The Historic Preservation Commission has compiled a Contractor Resource List of persons who have experience doing renovation work within the Historic District.