How Do I... ?
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  • Christmas Parade: When is it and when is Light up Night?


  • Boards and Commissions: How do I volunteer to be on any of the Borough's Boards and Commissions?
  • Borough Council: When and where does Borough Council meet?
  • Borough's hours of operation: What are they?
  • Building/Zoning Permits: How do I Know if I need to have a building permit or a zoning permit to do work on my property in the Borough?
  • Burning: Am I permitted to burn in the Borough?
  • COA: What is a COA?
  • Forms: Are any Borough forms available online?
  • Garage or Yard Sale: Do I need to have a permit to have them?
  • Historic District: How do I know if my house is in the Historic District?
  • Legion Park: Who do I contact about using the Legion Park for picnics, etc.?
  • Newsletter: Does the Borough have a municipal newsletter?
  • Ordinances: How do I know if there is a Borough Ordinance regarding a certain subject?
  • Performing Arts Pavilion: How do I find out about the Performing Arts Pavilion at the Canal Basin Park and the Pavilion at Chimney Rocks Park?
  • Recycling: Do I have to recycle in the Borough?
  • Sewer Backup / Water Break: What do I do if I have to report a sewer backup or water break after hours?
  • Swimming Pools: Are there regulations regarding the installation of swimming pools in the Borough?
  • Trash: Who picks up the trash in the Borough? Do I have to hire a trash hauler?
  • Water/Sewer Payments: Where may I make my water and sewer payments?
  • Yard Waste: Is the Borough picking up yard waste?
  • Zoning District: How do I know which Zoning District I live in?