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Street Sweeping Program

Street Sweeping Program

street sweeper truckThe Hollidaysburg Borough Public Works Services Department has established the street sweeping schedule for this year. Sweeping will be conducted in your area at least once per week during each scheduled month, according to the following schedule.

Street sweeping is conducted on a "weather permitting" and "available personnel" basis - however, every attempt will be made to sweep the streets in each designated area according to the established schedule.

Street sweeping serves several purposes, in addition to just keeping the streets clean. Routine, regular sweeping of our streets:

  • keeps debris and pollutants from entering the storm sewer system and ultimately the Beaverdam River
  • removes debris, such as loose gravel and leaves, that may contribute to an accident, may cause damage to vehicles, or may be hazardous to bicyclists and pedestrians
  • reduces wind blown dust and road debris onto adjacent properties and reduces airborne pollution
  • helps improve the visibility of pedestrian crosswalks
  • improves the overall appearance and aesthetics of our community

Your cooperation with this public service program is greatly appreciated!

street sweeping map

Street Sweeping Area Maps

Street Sweeping Schedule

Area No. 1 (Week 1)

April 1st - 5th

May 6th - 10th 

September 3rd - 5th

Area No. 2 (Week 2)

April 8th - 12th

May 13th - 17th

September 9th - 11th

Area No. 3 (Week 3)

April 15th - 19th

May 20th -24th                                                              

September 16th - 18th

Area No. 4 (Week 4)

April 22nd - 26th

May 28th - 31st

September 23rd - 25th

During the weeks in which your street is scheduled to be swept, please try to have vehicles removed from the street so that sweeping may be performed as efficiently as possible. 

street sweeping truck