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Mayor Joseph R. Dodson

Mayor Joseph R. Dodson

Municipal BuildingHome: 522 Wayne Street

Mayor's Office: 401 Blair Street

Phone: (814) 695-8834 - Borough Office in the Municipal Building

E-Mail: Mayor@hollidaysburgpa.org

Mayor's current term began on January 1, 2026

Term Expires on January 1, 2026

You may contact Mayor Dodson (or leave a message) at his office phone number of (814) 695-8834 (Borough Office in the Municipal Building) or on his cell number (814) 931-2341 or email: mayor@hollidaysburgpa.org


The Mayor administers oaths and affirmations pertaining to Borough affairs. The Mayor has the power to declare an emergency and preserve the peace. He or she may establish a curfew, prohibit entry of persons from restricted areas, prohibit sale of certain items, prohibit transportation and use of gasoline and fuel oil except for home heating and prohibit any other activity to protect the public.


The Mayor has the duty and responsibility to preserve order in the Borough, enforce ordinances and resolutions, remove nuisances, exact faithful performance of duties of appointed officers and perform other duties as required of the office by law or ordinance. He is in charge of the Police Department.